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M2.5_no.1 -2 years later- by Chivi-chivik

What I see here is a pretty intriguing piece of fan artwork. You have defiantly managed to make your point that each one of the protagonists from Earthbound have all grown up to be their own person and exceeded at doing so. I am now fairly interested in your upcoming series thanks to your great piece here, but let's get more in detail.

Starting off, this piece (as previously stated) defiantly makes the point that Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo have all matured from when we last saw them. Faithful to their original designs, all of the matured chosen four above manage to greatly represent their personality and styles from Earthbound and altering them to fit their older selves. I especially find Paula and Poo's new designs to fit them perfectly if we were to see them later in their lives. Paula, the calm school-girl, now sports an outfit very catholic school-ish and yet still girly while maintaining her classic wear like her bow and pink dress. The curls too are a nice addition. In the end it works fantastically and still gives me that she has changed, yet still the same girl from Earthbound.

Poo himself looks very intimidating and serious as he was foreign in Earthbound. He is, hands down, the finest out of the four you have drawn here. While, yes, everyone does look older, Poo looks the best in those terms. He stand so proud and looks so wise. The way he has be shaped in this drawing gives him the most life out of anyone in the piece. You can honestly tell he has grown to be a fine prince and he is without a doubt ready to be a king of Daalam one day. His outfit no longer is a robe that makes him look like a boy in training but now instead a growing man of royal heritage. He is drawn just so accurately to what is future is supposed to be like it out ranks Ness, Paula, and Jeff's pictures in every way. Consider me impressed.

Next up is Jeff, and I'll give it to you that he fits the part of a doctor (or scientist or whatever his father is) in training. Like Paula, he too is faithful to his original design, with his fancy yet sporty bow-tie and green pants. The lab coat too does suit Jeff very well, but here's where the problems set in. He has a hard time here trying to get me to believe this is what he's grown up to be. The only things is see that spell out "older Jeff" are the lab coat and whatever is on his checks. Otherwise, he looks almost too much like his younger self and not a 15 year old Jeff Andonuts.

And with that, last but not least, is Ness himself. Sadly, he is the least impressing out of all them and the most bland. Why? He suffers from the same issue as Jess does: being too similar to his younger self. And it's even worse here. Other than being taller, nothing says "grown up" when I look at him. With everyone else, their previous attires were only for their child selves and from looking at the other three have all somewhat phased out of their 13-year old styles. Ness hasn't changed at all, so I can't say that he fits with everyone else in this piece.

Or maybe that's what you're going for. I'll just have to wait and see.

Now, I will this to you that this piece of art looks great in style and feels like actual Earthbound, but there's something bugging me out this piece. I'm referring to you M2EB_Fighting cuts piece, and the thing is I can't help but think you were a bit lazy in coming up with a trailer piece. The character's themselves are just the opposites from the fighting cuts: instead of head poses, it's half head and full torso with some leg here. The background styles, order of character, and cuts are about the exact same from the fighting cuts. This disappoints me as this is really well crafted but originates from a previous piece not released less than 2 weeks ago.

Another thing, even though it might be a nit pick, is the clothing just being too white. Everyone except Ness wears white, all three of them being upper torso and Jeff and Poo being full body. It's seems rather bland, but you can't help but imagine Jeff and Poo wearing white in the future. Paula, while it looks nice on here, is another story entirely.

Overall, I left with a sweet taste in my mouth. While this piece has issues needed to be addressed too, I find this to have done it's job very well. This is an excellent way to start off a series that seems like a very interesting idea. Well done, Mister Chivi. :)
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Chivi-chivik Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is the longest critique I've received so far (well... I received very few critiques...), and I must thank you for this.
Well, I admit I was lazy with the background since I want people to look at the characters, not the BG... the BG was just for fill :laughing: (The same applies to the other pic).
When I designed the outfits (on a notebook, as I always do) these were the first designs I did. And since I liked them, I didn't change them. Jeff has a reason for his nearly unchanged outfit (his cheeks have a reason as well :XD:), but the problem was Ness. Since I learned throughout my artist life that 'if you like it, then leave it as it is' then I left his outfit as it is. Also, I got the previous influence with the Mario games, and you know they don't even change their clothes (and the princesses just don't change their colour scheme...). Yeah, it'll be a disappointment for all of you... ^^; And I also had problems with Paula's colour scheme... but I ended leaving her blouse white. I think it gives her maturity (girls are used to mature earlier than boys) w

I felt like telling you my reasons and stuff, hope you don't mind.
And thanks again. :w00t:
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